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  • Teeth Whitening Tips: What you didn't know

    Teeth Whitening Tips: What you didn't know

    Everyone wants sparkling white teeth. What many people don’t know is that standard brushing and flossing is often not enough to keep teeth as white as desired. Hundreds of over-the-counter products likes whitening strips, toothpastes, rinses, and chewing gums are available, but studies have shown that many of these products don’t noticeably whiten teeth at all. The proven way to get the smile you have always wanted is through professional dental bleaching , a service that we at McLoud Family Dentistry can expertly provide to our patients. To better understand how bleaching works, lets first look at what tooth discoloration really is. Staining: What is it and how does it ....

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  • Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

    Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

    If going to the dentist is something you dread, you are definitely not alone. A routine trip to the dentist might include an array of uncomfortable experiences, from being blinded with an examination light to being poked and prodded with sharp metal instruments. A more involved procedure like getting a tooth pulled or a cavity filled can be substantially worse. Perhaps you have thought, while a dentist drills into one of your teeth, that certainly a suspected terrorist would crack under this kind of torture. Whether your apprehension about the dentist ranges from mild anxiety to full-blown phobia, it is dramatically important for the health of your teeth that you do not avoid routine check ....

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